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Some cars using our products



Chris Ferguson's 1971 Datsun 240Z

Chris Ferguson's 1971 hillclimb and circuit 240Z.  Running an L28 with triple 48mm Webbers.  Lightweight fibreglass panels and all the Arizona Z Car performance parts.

Paul Henshaw's Datsun 240Z

Paul Henshaw's amazing 240Z.  Running an RB26DETT and sequential 6 speed gearbox and a huge range of Arizona Z Car performance parts.

Mick Marrat's 1973 Datsun 240Z

I bought this car 8 years ago.  I have since given it a full rotisserie restoration and painted it. It's original lime yellow in colour. The tired old L28 has been replaced with an RB20det engine and gear box, which was a vast improvement over standard.


I am currently in the middle of replacing the RB20 with a RB25det. It also runs a r200 LSD with a 4.3:1 ratio which suits the RB very well. 
With the extra hp I needed extra stopping power so I had Chris Ferguson from Arizona Z Car Australia supply me with some wilwood calipers and floating disk brakes. 

My 240z now stops extremely well and out brakes most modern cars.

I highly recommend this package to anyone. 

I am just starting out as a beginner in Motorsport doing hill climbs and circuit sprints, so I will be fitting more Arizona Z Car components to my 240z in the future to enhance it on the track and on the road. 

Roger and Annie's 1973 Datsun 240Z

Built in 2008 for the Classic Adelaide Rally, the 240 has been progressively developed over the last six years to better suit the demands of Rally, Hillclimb and Supersprint events that it competes in. 


The car is fully rally prepped (Walker Chassis integrated ROPS structure) with VELO seats and safety gear and the requisite rally computer and intercom systems.  Drivetrain mods include a strong engine built by JH Southcott with plenty of mid range torque, 280ZX gearbox and a later R200 LSD diff using 4.3:1 ratio gears.  Coilover suspension and adjustable control arms all round give plenty of scope to set up the car for Rally one weekend and then supersprint the next while running on the same 16” wheels with R spec tyres.


Most recent updates with the assistance of Arizona Zed Car Australia include massive Wilwood brakes all round featuring 6 spot front and 4 spot rear callipers and 12.5” vented discs.  Braking is completed with a cockpit adjustable bias bar system and of course the rally favourite hydraulic handbrake!


Brakes were once the weak point on the track and now it just pulls up time after time without fade.


Easter 2014 brought the opportunity to enter the car at Bathurst with the NSW Road Racing Club for a regularity event at the Bathurst Motorsport Festival. The car ran faultlessly all weekend (double entered!) and put in some respectable times for a pair of drivers who had never before driven the track.  The big brakes made stops from 200kmh+ down Conrod straight a breeze.


Special thanks to Chris at Arizona Zed Car Australia, Michael at JH Southcott and Gilbert Motor Bodies.

Andrew Laurenson's 1993 Gtst

R33 2.5L Turbo

27 from the Gold Coast with a family history in historic racing. Growing up, my father ran Escorts, Minis, Volvos and Datsuns in various sprints, hill climbs and historic events around QLD and NSW leading me to pick up the same interests as I got older.


I had originally bought my father's Volvo 142s back from the man who bought it from him and returned to running this a few years straight in dirt sprints at QR and Speed on Tweed in Northern NSW before selling it when I moved to spend some time in Malaysia. Following this, I had a mainly road based S2000 AP1which saw 1 day at Lakeside which revealed it's 'spooky' rear geometry which was fixed on the 2nd generation AP2 cars.


Cars Current:


Currently I have the R33 Skyline GTST as a track/circuit/sprint car and an e60 BMW M5 as a road car (nice economical V10 for daily what I tell myself...). The R33 is what is getting the Arizona Z Car brakes and some further details are below;


1993 R33 GTST 2.5L Turbo




Haltech Platinum Pro ECU with closed loop Haltech Boost Control and Anti-Lag Launch Control

1000cc Bosch Injectors and 044 Bosch Fuel Pump

Triple layer Head Gasket ARP Studs etc etc

Greddy Intercooler

Hypergear SS1PU Turbo

Split Fire Coilpack Ignition

Turbosmart Recirc/Blowoff Valve

100cel Cat + 3" system

Flux Capacitor


Currently making very linear 267kw atw on 18psi on full boost 3500rpm strong to 7500rpm tuned by Marty Horvath of STZ Automotive




Front and Rear tower bracing

Solid Mounted Rear Sub-frame and Diff

Bond Roll Bars Cage

Fully adjustable and pillow-ball jointed everything (literally)

Kinematic Roll Centre Adjusted front and rear LCA

HICAS rear steer lock-out

Whiteline Adjustable Sway Bars front and rear

Tein HSD HR Coilover suspension 8kg/mm F 8kg/mm R

0 deg toe change through bump front geometry front and rear


Alignment management by Greg Craig at Taylor Street Mechanical


Drive Train:


Heavy Duty Single Plate Clutch

Standard RB25DET 5 speed

CUSCO Type MZ Clutch Type 1.5 LSD

4.3 Final Drive




Arizona Z Car F and R 

6P Willwood F 332 disc

4P Willwood R 310 disc

Braided Lines etc etc




Velo Milano x2 Seats

RPM Racegear 5 point x2




Hankook RS-3 (z222) 


Philip Mitchell's 1977 260z

I have had this car since 2006. At first I owned it in partnership with a relative but I bought it from him in 2011. Car has had extensive work and development over the years. About the only thing I have not touched is the body work. That is as it was when I got the car although I have added the front spoiler and the Fiberglass bumpers. 


It runs the full Arizona Z Car brake set up with in-cabin bias knob and hydraulic handbrake. I run Ferrodo DS Uno racing brake pads. It also has the full billet aluminium lower control arm set-up, diff mount and moustache bar, shorter steering knuckles with bump-steer blocks, etc. I have found this to be a fantastic set up for what I do — which is mostly trackdays,  supersprints and regularity trials. Plus of couse the odd early sunday morning blast through the back roads around the wineries near where I live! 


Otherwise it has an MIA Engine Services built NA REBELLO Racing 3.0L Stroker making about 250HP ATW, Kameari Motorsport billet flywheel, R32 Five Speed and 4.375:1 NISMO centred R200 LSD.  It sits on 16x8 Watanabe’s and I run 225/45/16 rubber. Anyone who has a set up like this will know that it is very satisfying and capable of great performance. Puts many cars that are 30 years younger (turbo and non-) to shame!

Tom Ferguson's loose run up the Collingrove Hillclimb

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