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Arizona Z Car Australia has been established  to provide the superb high quality  products made by Arizona Z Car (USA) to Australian Datsun and Nissan enthusiasts. We now stock a huge range of competition parts that have been so difficult to obtain . Dave Epstein the owner of Arizona Z Car has been so successfull with his domestic market that he has had little opportunity to properly service Australian customers.


Arizona Z Car Australia is headed by Chris and Tom Ferguson , both hardcore 240Z racers. Chris has competed in many Tarmac Rally events and Tom is well know for his Hillclimbing and supersprint results.​ Our aim is to provide you with the best competition products to help your car go faster, stop better and turn in better than everyone else.


With many years experience in using Arizona Z Car parts we can talk with confidence about all the products. One of our special features is our spares pack that we provide to customers who may be competing in interstate events. It includes spare pads, rotors, suspension arms etc.


So give us a call on 0419804496  or email us at  to discuss all your competition or restoration needs.

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